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TV/Film Production is our home turf! We service all platforms: Theatrical, TV, VOD in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, and in other international markets.


KARLSBRIDGE executive producers and creative teams have extensive experience in every entertainment genre. Our portfolio includes international formats such as MASTERCHEF, COME DINE WITH ME, and WIFE SWAP, as well as countless reality, docutainment, game show, and comedy productions.


Our executive producers have also worked on documentary films for the big screen, including BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and LEXX–DARK SHOW, a major sci-fi TV hit.


Format distribution all over the world has been our business for many years. We know the people you need to know if you want to sell your format, TV show or idea in any international market. Tap into our vast professional network!


Many international films and TV shows are being produced in the Czech Republic, thanks to low-cost, yet highly skilled work crews and little union regulation. Add to that tax credits of up to 20% and the sheer beauty of the country.


We know this market inside out, having worked on many international co-productions, including BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE. We will co-produce with you or service produce for you.


KARLSBRIDGE even offers financing support for your project. Anything is possible when it comes to international production!


Hannes and Christoph first met in Prague in 2008. Hannes was working at TV Prima as Head of Acquisitions and Christoph tried to sell him locally produced TV shows (which may or may not have been successful).

It took them a few phone calls to figure out that they are both from Germany – Hannes from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the far south, and Christoph from Hamburg in the far north. After many meetings (and parties) in Cannes, they became friends.


Over the years, they worked for different companies in the industry: Hannes mostly in the Czech Republic, Christoph in Germany. They finally became colleagues when they established Constantin Entertainment Czech in 2014, working together for a big production house.


After some great years, they left Constantin 2021 and decided to take a chance to build something of their own: KARLSBRIDGE! (Don’t ask for a deeper meaning of the name, because there is none. It just sounds nice. And the URL for CARLSBERG was taken already.)

Find out more about Hannes’ and Christoph’s backgrounds and professional experience here:




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CAUGHT IN THE NET (Czech: V síti) is a 2020 Czech documentary film by Vít Klusák about sexual predators on the internet.

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Three adult actresses pose as 12-year-old girls on social media. Immediately after setting up their (fake) profiles, they are contacted by men who try to seduce them and send them nude photos.


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The girls start chatting online while adhering to strict rules (no flirting, stating over and over that they are only 12, etc.). Video calls with some of the men follow. In the end, the girls meet several of them in real life, with extreme security measures in place.

Sexual predators appearing in the film attracted the focus of the Czech police after its release, and several of them were convicted in courts of law.

The film was named “Best Documentary of 2020” at the 2021 Czech Lion Awards.

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The free TV broadcast on Ceska Televise (CT1), the main public channel, on March 10, 2021 reached 1,240,000 viewers (in a country with a population of just 10.7 million), posting record-breaking shares of 28.71% in 15+ and 35.24% in 15-54!

The German market leader RTL adapted the format as ANGRIFF AUF UNSERE KINDER (Attack On Our Children) on March 8, 2021 in primetime as a three-hour live event. RTL used the same experimental setup followed by discussion rounds with psychologists, police investigators, victims, and other experts.

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As priority programming, RTL broadcast all evening without commercial breaks, reaching a very strong 15.8% in 14-49.

The WIT chose CAUGHT IN THE NET as one of the highlights for the 2021 FRESH TV Presentation on digital MIP TV.

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Virginia Mouseler said, “A show that shocked me, really. As you know, I saw many shows at THE WIT. But it is the first time I saw such confrontation with the worst evil of our time: pedophilia. Ten years ago, there was a US show on this topic, called CATCH A PREDATOR. But this new show CAUGHT IN THE NET, [made] for the Facetime and social media generation, creates an intimacy between the predator and the victim that was not visible before and that generates a sense that the threat is brutally real and is among us!”

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